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We are part of boy scouts and we are awesome. Thats basically all you need to know


My advertising for Sea Scouts

My advertising for Sea Scouts

Q. What is SEAL?

A. Sea Explorers Advanced Leadership: the most rigorous course in the Boy Scouts program.

Well I’m not sure if that’s true, but it is one of the most fun weeks you will ever spend learning maritime knowledge and honing¬† your leadership skills. Throughout the course you are tested on your seamanship knowledge including (but not limited to): types of lines, anchoring, navigation, piloting, weather, rules of the road, and aids to navigation. You are also put on the spot, acting as Boatswain (Officer on Deck) for a day and Navigator on a different day.

I went to SEAL last year (2010) in Baltimore, MD with Skipper Yeckley (LOVE HIM) and acted as youth leader at SEAL this summer (2011) in Newport Beach, CA with my Skipper.

Both times I noticed an underlying theme-no one was prepared-and I felt like I was wasting my time. With that said, there were obviously those who did well and were prepared, but in comparison they outnumbered by slackers.

After explaining the program, I wanted to include photos of Newport SEAL Class of 2011 because all the photos are on my computer.

My dream boat <3

My dream boat <3



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Long Cruise 2011. Going around the channel island to places such as the Catalina and Santa Barbara.


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The annual sea scout competition, Ancient Mariner’s Regatta, is located and held on the USS Hornet during Memorial Day weekend. This is the largest Sea Scout competition in the United States.¬†

Although Triton is not officially going, four crew members have decided to hitch onto other ships so they can attend the competition. I like to call it scoutly spirit ;)

Who’s pumped?!

Mike Echo!!